Sunday, September 21, 2008

In the Shade of Ramadhan 22

Sister Purmul discusses the importance of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. She brings up the benefits for the those recieving the charity and those giving charity

[Source: MAS]

What I've learnt is that fasting is the shield against bad deeds and sadaqah is like water, extinguishing the sins. Allah SWT has promised that those who give in the way of charity, not only develops greater compassion for mankind but the amount used for charity is put on loan and would multiply and be returned to the donor in Al Jannah. Making sadaqah a part of our habit to improve our akhlaq allows us to detach ourselves from earthly material wealths. Having consistency in giving small amount is preferred versus once off large amount as we are encouraged to lead our lives in moderation.

Let's reap the benefits of charity:
1. Shaded by Allah SWT during the day of Judgment
2. Reckoning (hisab) becomes lighter
3. Scale (mizan)becomes heavier
4. Cross the path (As sirat) to paradise (Al Jannah)
5. Elevated your level in paradise (Al Jannah)

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