Tuesday, September 09, 2008

In the Shade of Ramadhan 10

Imam Suhaib Webb discusses what taqwa is and about it's importance durring the month of Ramadan.

[Source: MAS]

What I learnt is that the goal of Ramadhan is prescribed for us to achieve Taqwa, to be aware and conscious of Allah SWT, being cautious and stay away from those that are haram.

1. Understand the concept of Taqwa - it is a shield from hell's fire and protection from punishment from Allah SWT and from plans of Syaitan

2. Practise individual exercises include having pure intentions for Allah SWT, abstain from those that is haram

3. Practise communal exercises include pray and dua as a community, charity, etc

In essence, its:

1. Less talk of dunia, more of Allah

2. Less hatred of others, more love

3. Less money for oneself, more money to noble causes

4. Less time wasting, more for Allah

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