Thursday, September 18, 2008

In the Shade of Ramadhan 19

Marwan Marouf brings to light sometimes underappreciated verses of suratul Fatiha (The opening). He discusses it's importance and the many lessons and reminders that can be learned from this short yet powerful chapter that begins the Quran.

[Source: MAS]

What I've learnt is that Al-Fatihah (Umul Kitab) is the key to our Salat. It reminds us of:
1. The ni'kmat (bounty) of Allah Azza Wa Jallah (Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah)
2. Asma ul Husna (the magnificent qualities of Allah SWT)
3. The straight path we have to stay on (tauhid)
4. The Akhirat (there is a day we would be questioned, make no mistake about it)
5. The importance of Doa (guide us to the straight path; we seek your help)
6. The unity of this Ummah (only you we worship and we seek your help)
7. The concept of Ikhlas (ONLY you we worship and seek help; not anyone else)

And as we recite this surah in our Salah, we are having direct communication with Allah SWT as we thank Allah, we get a response, as we glorify Allah, we get a response and as we seek refuge in Allah, Allah says this affair is between Allah and us. If only we knew this, many would prostrate and supplicate to Allah SWT readily.

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