Saturday, April 24, 2010

Women and Fiqh - 24 Apr 2010

"And of His signs is this: He created for you helpmates from yourselves that you might find rest in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy. Lo! herein indeed are portents for folk who reflect." [Surah ar-Ruum: 21]

Ustaz Ghazali covers chapter 4 of Kitab Da'wah Mahabbah on the etiquette between a married couple which starts from akad nikah until old age together - the need to have amanah (trust), amar ma'ruf nahi munkar, honesty and sincerity.

The class enjoyed it when Ustaz shared sirah of RasululLah SAW on how he was a romantic husband full of compassion and mercy. Coincidentally, you can view a series of talk by Imam Suhaib Webb on Youtube entitled "Mothers Of The Believers" - Khadijah RA, Sawda RA, Aisyah RAHafsa RA, Zaynab K. RA, Hind (Um Salamah) RA, Zaynab J. RARamlah RA (Um Habiba), Rayhana RA, Safiyya RA, Maria RA, Maimoonah RA, or read about them here.

Through the stories shared, the ladies are encouraged to emulate the roles played by these best of examples. May Allah SWT be pleased with us :)

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