Saturday, April 24, 2010

Islamic Concept of Adab - 24 Apr 2010

In this lesson, Ustaz Zhulkeflee reminded the class about the Convenant and Tazkiyatul Nafs. He also outlined some blameworthy characteristics which a Muslim needs to purify oneself from - 'ujub (self-conceit), juhud (obstinancy or stubborness), kibr (arrogance), hasd (jealousy or envy), riya' (showoff), hub al-jah (love for status), hub ad-dunya (love of the world) and bukhl (miserliness).

Besides adab to oneself, one has to observe the adab of seeking ilm, truly there is a sequence based on priority. For example, learning Fardh Ayn should be at the top of one's list then Tawasuur Islam then Fardh Kifayah.

In Islam, there is also the adab of observing the instructional methodology in ensuring the knowledge is chunked into observable sections - Muqaddimat (Introduction) vs. Mukhtasar (Summary), Mufassal (Detail) vs. Mujmal (General), Khusussiya (Specilaised areas), Usool (Principles), Furu' (Branches), Manfa'at (Beneficial) vs. Ghayr Manfa'at (Not Beneficial), etc.

Last but not least, adab regarding seeking 'ilm to attain taqwah towards Allah SWT - sincere intention formulated in one's heart and mind, with clarity in purpose and action,  uttering in a language that one understands... all to eradicate ambiguity in our ibadah and servitude towards Allah Azza wa Jalla.

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