Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tafseer Al Quran - 7 Apr 2010

In today's class, Ustaz Rahmat Jumaat talks about adab in reciting the Quran. In my humble opinion, this book outlines the Etiquette with the Quran.

Ustaz also touched on the history of recording and compiling the Quran during the time of Sayidinna Abu Bakar RA and Sayidinna Umar RA. This was done with the intent to preserve the wahyu (revelation) of Allah SWT. Read the story of the Quran.

Afternote: I did not realised that there was 7 dialects of Arab i.e. The 7 Huruf, intended to make it easy for reverts to recite and reflect on the meaning of the ayat. The Quran however was preserved in lughra Quraisy. I have to admit, I'm beginning to enjoy Islamic history :)

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