Saturday, April 03, 2010

Islamic Concept of Adab - 3 April 2010

AlhamdulilLah. This course, in my humble opinion, is a logical follow-up from the Tasawwur Islam (Islamic Worldview) course conducted by Sheikh Abdul Halim.

Subhan Allah. Although this is my first time attending Ustaz Zulkiflee's class, his reputation precedes him. He articulates with clarity his vision of what a muslim's way of living should be, which is holding firm to the Islamic Worldview to uphold justice, which is synonimous with adab (especially to one's family).

It is the fitrah of man to be steadfast to his tauhidic faith and when he does a wrong deed, he will eventually return to the straight path as that is his fitrah.

As children of Adam AS and Eve AS (khalifah of the earth), we come from the same 'parent' and it is Allah's wisdom that created us in various colour, shapes and sizes with the same aqeedah intact but perhaps slightly different syariah, unlike Iblis whose arrogance, conceitedness and false pride resulted in the beginning of all things evil for the refusal to bow to Adam AS even though the Creator commands him to (his lack of adab should not be emulated by children of Adam AS, nauzu bilLahi min zaliq')

Truly all 'ilm comes from Allah SWT and it is not in the teacher, it is in the student - state of consciousness in terms of observing adab when seeking knowledge, knowing one's place in the scheme of things, playing the role of the student, not that of a teacher or judge, ensuring one's purity of the heart to enable the meaning to arrive to the soul. As students, we have to constantly ta'ruf and ikhtiyar in the hope that our teachers will impart more knowledge to the deserving, insya Allah.

Refer to the brief outline of the slides he used in class here and lesson's slides here but personally, you just have to be there to reap the full benefit of his teachings and insights i.e. knowledge that you need; not what you want :)

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