Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tasawwur Islam - 17 Feb 2010

Tonight's class Syeikh Abdul Halim concluded the program by talking about change, development and progress from Islam's perspective.

In the Secular Worldview, the 'goalpost' (aim) keeps shifting, so man is always in constant motion of  'becoming' (change) without ever reaching the status of 'being' (progress). This makes him feel inadequate most of the time as though the 'changes' made do not lead to 'progress'. Never ending story. Sounds familiar?

The beauty of Islam is that its Ummah has a definite clarity of purpose at the core of it (the aim remains a fixed constant so one knows where he is heading). That is the fitrah or substratum. And self-development is about making progress whether one is facing up to a challenge (and be suboor), avoid munkar (and have a strong Imaan) or enjoy ni'mah (and be syukor or grateful). More importantly, Islam prescribes the methods for one to reach the aim (and elevate one's standing in the eyes of Allah SWT), subhan Allah.

Afternote: Tasawwur Islam or Islamic Worldview is defined as Ru'yatul Islam Li al-Wujud. Wahyu Allah is the source of knowedge for Muslims and having a strong Islamic Worldview enables us to evaluate and improve our millah so that we be true to haqiqah and reject bathil, insya Allah.

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