Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tasawwur Islam - 10 Feb 2010

And there is a kind of person who would willingly give up personal interests,
seeking Allah's pleasure; and God is Most Compassionate towards His servants.
Successful indeed is the one who purifies his whole self.
Indeed the Next abode - it is truly the life!
[Surah al-Baqarah : 207, ash-Shams: 9, al-Ankabut: 64]

The Aristotelian relates 'happiness' (Eudemonia) as fulfilling all of one's potential, and that happiness is an end in itself. Western Worldview defines 'happiness' as the psychological state of satisfying one's desires. Both definitions are rejected by Islam.

In Islam, 'happiness' (sa' adah) is a a permanent state of consciousness natural to what is permanent in man and perceived by his spiritual organ of cognition which is the heart (qalb). To be enduringly happy, one must submit fully to the will of Allah SWT, requiring certainty (yaqin) in one's heart of the ultimate Truth and fulfillment of action or deed conforms with that certainty.

Truly, the definition of 'happiness' in Islam is beautiful, subhan Allah - it is peace, security and tranquility of the heart (tuman'ninah); it is knowledge (ma'rifah) and knowledge is true faith (Imaan). It is Tawheed. It is Adab. It is acknowleding one's proper relationship with the Creator accompanied by requisite action (ibadah). When all these conditions are present, we get justice ('adl).

The levels of happiness are:

1. The psychological and temporal states is attained when needs and wants are achieved by means of right conduct in accord with virtues - wisdom, temperance, courage and justice.

2. The spiritual, permanent and consciously experienced, when attained, occurs concurrently with the first, except that wants are diminished and needs are satisfied (Zuhud: diminishing of wants and desires).

3. The third level is the ultimate in the Hereafter, which is the Vision of Allah SWT.

Afternote: The 'ideal' state of happiness is attainable in Islam and has been attained by the best example, Prophet SAW who led a simple life free of material wealth but full of Adab, Imaan, Taqwa and Tawheed. Download The Early Hours to maintain the single minded desire to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT by using relevant methods and instruments in order to attain the ultimate goal, Jannah. 

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