Friday, February 12, 2010

Child Education in Islam

"If you are a teacher, just think of the delicate, sensitive and affectionate Prophet SAW conveying the pearls of his heart to the students of Suffa by the Masjid'un-Nabawi... If you have children then learn the affectionate conduct of the father of Fatimah, the grandfather of Hasan and Husayn... Whoever you may be and in whichever circumstance you may find yourself in, you will find in Muhammad SAW as the most perfect master and most beautiful guide at all times and places."

[Source: The Exemplar Beyond Compare: Muhammad Mustafa SAW by Osman Nuri Topbas]

Following from my post earlier on Bedtime Storytelling, I agree with Syeikh Abdul Halim on the topic of Childhood Education from the Islamic perspective or worldview.

Truly, Islam is syumul and there is clear guidance in all aspects of a Muslim's life. For example, it is stipulated that children below the age of 9, should not be 'burdened' with heavy-duty concepts or 'Ilm (knowledge) simply because they are not ready for such (they have not developed the ability and maturity to reason).

Instead, before the age of 9, Muslim parents are encouraged to constantly engage their child in conversations or play about love for mother, love for family and politeness, with the aim of instilling Adab in the child.

Download the guide on Child Education in Islam. Syeikh Abdul Halim encouraged educators or parents to also read "The educational philosophy and practice of Syed Muhammad Naguib Al-Attas: an exposition of the original concept of Islamization" by Wan Mohd. Nor Wan Daud. May we benefit from the information, insya Allah.

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