Monday, February 08, 2010

Bedtime Storytelling

I've always envisioned that one fine day in the near future, loving Muslim parents will read stories of our beloved Prophets at bedtime to their kids (instead of the Western Fairy Tales which does not add much value to the spiritual development of our young Ummah).

I believe every parent whose amanah is nurturing the Ummah of tomorrow hopes that his or her kids will grow up acknowledging the beautiful traits of Allah's Messengers from Prophet Adam AS to Prophet Muhammad SAW.

More importantly, instill those traits and values such that they strengthen their Adab, Islamic identity and Tawheed. Truly everything in the heavens and the earth belong to the Almighty Azza wa Jall, ameen.

Afternote: Parents can read the version by Ibnu Kathir and then simplify it according to the age of the kid and his or her level of curiosity and maturity. Or listen to these podcasts by Sacred Knowledge for inspiration :)

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