Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Heart of a Muslim Is Rediscovered
By D. Jacqueline Cosens (Jumaana Salma Amatullah), 14 April 2004

Key excerpts
Always curious and filled with tremendous conviction to find out "Who" my Creator was and what my existence and purpose was on earth, I began searching various doctrines in a quest that would last for decades. Covering the assorted divisions in Christianity, and still unfulfilled, I progressed through many other beliefs: Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. Atheism crossed my mind. That, in itself frightened me, as it certainly makes no sense when one looks at the reality of the universe around him.

If there were no Creator, then there seemed to be no genuine purpose in living…

One day, I was watching talk-show host Phil Donahue interview with a Muslim convert, a white American woman. So much of what she talked about was exactly the way I had believed and how I had lived... Everything in life has a prescribed timing. That day, it became the first time in my life that I was to hear about Islam... there was a serious conviction growing deep within my soul. Muslims worshipped the Creator, not a man and I liked that.

My heart or my soul, something within me, was being drawn to listen…

When I got my copy of the Quran, it was at that moment that I embraced Islam. Everything, every word, every explanation, every answer I read suited me. I had found my Creator's wishes, commands, and the reason for living. I absolutely believed that Allah would direct my steps in whatever way He chooses.

By remaining in submission to Him, I have discovered a new harmony to my life. What I do know is that I have finally found the Way, not just knowledge of it like the many times before, but now, deep inside, I found what had always been the part of me that seemed to be missing: The Heart of a Muslim.

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Source: Journey to islam

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