Thursday, December 22, 2005

An Austrian Scientist Discovers Islam

By Amina Islam, 26 October 2005

Key excerpts
A good Qur'an translation by Murad Hofmann, a German ambassador, who converted to Islam earlier, reflected my idea of God and the world. I found extensive conformity with the "old testament" and in the "new testament" with the gospel of Jesus, but without the church-made dogma that Jesus is regarded as son of God.

The holy Qur'an confirmed not only my idea about God and the world, but all his statements, e.g. about natural sciences, did obviously not contradict the reality. I was allowed and even encouraged to use my logic!

The "Bible, Qur'an and Natural Sciences" by Maurice Bucaille , proves that all scientific statements in the holy Qur'an are in consent with the latest research, and the "Gospel of Barnabas", where Jesus announces the prophet Muhammad and refuses to be revered as God, opened my eyes.

I discovered that Islam is not a new religion, but a "re-animation" of the roots and the essential of the old religions of the Jews and Christians, with the first Muslim Abraham as the father of all monotheistic religions and with the same prophets, including Jesus.

The last prophet Muhammad—not accepted by the other religions—was used by Allah to repeat the old truth again and to announce new regulations. The holy Qur'an must be God's revelation and Muhammad his messenger! If this is the truth and I believe this, I have to accept the holy Qur'an as a whole including the law.

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