Thursday, December 22, 2005

Czechoslovakian Converts to Islam

Key Extracts:

"A former atheist, I rejected God's possible existence. It was only in my thirties, when, through my interest in science, all-of-a-sudden it dawned on me that even a brick wall cannot happen by accident. So, if all of the natural laws in the universe fit together so amazingly precisely, it cannot be a product of chance but it must have been created by God. And God must be only ONE.

I bought an English translation of the Quran (by N.J. Dawood, which in fact isn't the best). I started reading it... By the time I reached about a third, I was very impressed and commented to my wife about how smart Muhammad must have been. It was all so very logical, with no contradictions.

After that, I came suddenly across some scientific facts which took my breath away. I knew for sure that these were only discovered during the 20th century. As Muhammad could not have known them, he must have been a prophet and a messenger, as it was instantly clear to me that the Quran could only come from God."

Source: Journey to Islam

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