Sunday, February 16, 2014


On Raja’ (hope), the adab is to reject shirk in the hope that RasululLah SAAW will intercede for Muwahideen in Mahsyar. Also, to avoid the Iblisic trait of Ablasa (despair); instead we are to constantly seek forgiveness and repentance, renewal of our Tauheed since we are not maksum for Allah’s mercy prevails over His wrath (Hadith Qudsi).

Subhaan-Allah! Allah SWT is the object of our love (maqsud), yet we fear His ability to punish us and distance us from Him (our fear predominates in order to repel the inclinations towards sin). Yet we cannot fear him to such an extent that we turn to despair, forgetting His mercy; rather we must balance it with sufficient hope! May we be amongst the shakur who feel blessed for the bestowal of these quwwah in us and may we strive to put them in their proper place, aamiin ya Rabb!

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