Sunday, February 23, 2014


AlhamdulilLah bi ni’matilLah! Allah SWT really works in miraculous ways - I was struggling in my reflection of QS At-Tariq 86:3, and truth be told, Allah SWT sends a beautiful soul to share this video with me, to aid in my husul and wusul, (so timely) subhaan-Allah! An-najmuth-thaqib! (the piercing star!). Hamzah Yusuf beautifully expounds on the haqiqah (reality) of the mercy of Allah SWT. May we be guided by the stars, aamiin Allahumma aamiin!

Afterthought: It reminded of the time when I was in Australia, gazing at the stars at night - how big and bright they were that you could almost touch them with your hands! (something you can't experience in cosmopolitan Sg) and it dawned on me that my knowledge of the stars (astronomy) is very limited! I recall how our Muslim forefathers in the past would make great sacrifices to travel by land and sea to invite others to Islam (and how they are great navigators of the sea due to their knowledge of astronomy). May we be amongst them who support the Da'wah movement, directly or indirectly, aamiin Allahumma aamiin!

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