Sunday, February 09, 2014


Dzikrullah (remembrance of Allah SWT) is about manifesting the adab of the tongue-mind-heart. Subhaan-Allah! The whole teaching of Islam enables dzikrulLah! For example, our gratitude for Allah’s prescription of swolah for us - His remedy for us to avoid forgetfulness and heedlessness (QS Taha 20:14) and avoid having an evil one (Qoreen) appointed for us (QS Zukhruf 43:36-37). Other acts of dzikrulLah include tasbih, tahmid, tahlil, takbir, hasbiyallah, hauqalah, du’a, solawat, swolat nafilah, reciting Qur’an, Ta-‘ah (deeds of obedience), partaking in majlis ‘ilm/wird/aurad (Khil-Qudz-Dzikr), etc. The key to dzikr is istiqomah (consistency) even if it is little. 

Verily in dzikrulLah do hearts find their rest (QS Ar-Rad 13:27-28). Hadith reported by Tabrany came to mind – Iiman is preserved by one constantly in dzikrulLah (a remedy for those whose Iiman wavers. I’m reminded of the wise words of the elders – those who are in constant state of worry, confusion, who have unmet needs or unfulfilled dreams are usually those who lack dzikrulLah as the spiritual self is distracted with other than Allah SWT. May we strive to be amongst those consistent in dzikrulLah, aamiin ya Rabb!

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