Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adab in Islah and Da'wah - Start with Understanding Concepts

Subhan Allah, it is true what Sheikh Abdul Halim says about truly understanding definitions and concepts in Islam in order to operationalise one's life with yaqin (conviction). And it is always a great pleasure to sit with my beloved uncle to discuss about Islam (had the opportunity yesterday over Idul Adha's gathering).

He shares the video above (it is in Malay and this is the Part 1 of 8), including the reference book used in the video, as I shared my concern about researching about the concept of Bid'ah. He also urges me to read al-Adab al-Mufrad al-Bukhari, alhamdulilLah.

In all fairness (always have good opinion of people is mum's advice to me), his advice is to view all 8 parts of the video before making an informed decision about the hujah. Similarly, if one views the debate Part 1 of 7, view all 7 parts to be fair to both speakers.

Truly, Islam is Syumul - although your niat and amal ibadah is between you and Allah SWT (hablu minalLah), we live in a community whereby our actions and deeds are visible and sometimes followed by others unknowingly (while our niat is not visible to them).

It is a great responsibility for us to align our niat with our amal and extend ihsan to the Ummah (hablu minanNas) for when we die, 3 things will continue to benefit the dead- doa of his or her child who is soleh, benefit of charity in one's lifetime and beneficial 'ilm (have we conveyed beneficial i'lm throughout our lifetime? Point of introspection). Wallahualam bissawab.

Afternote: It is true what Ustaz Zhulkeflee says that Islam seems foreign when it was revealed and till the end of time, it will still be seen as foreign but that does not mean one should feel pressured to not reveal the Truth, subhan Allah. It is better to be seen as weird but upholding the Truth (Haq) then be accepted by the majority but lives in bathil (am reminded of sirah RasululLah's Isra' and Mikraj). Hence, seeking 'ilm is essential to lead one to the Straight Path and convey the message with hikmah (wisdom). Truly Islam is beautiful and high in adab :)

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