Saturday, August 07, 2010

Kitab at-Tawheed

A fellow Muslim asks me how do one know if the 'aleem ulama one is following is the authoritative imam. This question is not new; I've had similar experience earlier in life when I was searching for the truth (Haq)... sometimes what one 'aleem says contradicts another, which resulted in the seeker of knowledge confused especially if one is a convert or revert, nauzu billahi min zaliq.

Indeed, it boils down to one's intention (niat) when seeking 'ilm. Allah SWT will show the way to the truth as one continues to persevere and strive towards tawheed. Truly, all 'ilm comes from Allah Azza Wa Jalla.

The above video is the first part of a series of talks by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi on Kitab at-Tawheed. Listen to a series of audio lectures on the same here. Or grab an explanation of Kitab at-Tawheed here.

In short, it is about adab - putting the a'leem, the false leaders, the seeker of knowledge, the 'ilm from Allah SWT and most importantly, the Almighty, in their proper places.

A tip Mum and Ustaz taught me is to hear out the a'leem with good opinion (don't be too quick to judge, allow the a'leem to complete his piece... be mindful to maintain the unity of the Ummah). For areas which cast doubt in your heart (it could be the whispers of Shaytaan), go back and research on those areas and verify if it is aligned to the Quran and Sunnah. And if you stll have doubts after that, seek clarification (not confrontation) with the same a'leem and others (for second opinion).

Afternote: It is obligatory (wajib) to seek the truth from authoritative sources when in doubt especially in matters relating to Fiqh as one will be held accountable for all actions and deed pertaining to amal ibadah. May Allah SWT protect us from the Hellfire, ameen ya Rabbal a'lameen.

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