Sunday, August 01, 2010

Challenges for Modern Muslims

Subhan Allah. Just as I've been asked questions about challenges for the modern Muslims, I found a series of talk by Sheikh Yusuf Estes that provide answers to the questions, alhamdulilLah.

Part 1 which I've shared here is on a sensitive topic about celebrating birthdays (the credit should rightly go to one's mother, subhan Allah!). View part 2 here and further elaboration here on the sun calendar vs.lunar calendar and the origin of candles from the Celtic or Majusi religion.

Afternote: For a change, commemorate one's birthday by offering beautiful doa for one's mother when prostrating to Allah Azza wa Jalla and expressing one's gratitude by being a better daughter or son with each year to one's age. In Islam, every day should be Mother's Day :)

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