Friday, January 01, 2010

Tasawwur Islam - 30 Dec 2009

As Muslims, we believe that Adam AS is the first man who submitted to the will of Allah SWT. And this message is perennial and consistent - recognising, acknowledging and worshipping the One True and Real iLah alone.

Without associating Allah SWT with any partner, rival, or equal, nor attributing a likeness to Him, all the Prophets confirmed this truth and the final truth was brought by the last Prophet SAW as it was confirmed by all Prophets before him.

Subhan Allah, with Prophet Muhammad SAW, the revealed religion achieved utmost perfection whose original purity is preserved to this day and till the final hour.

Note to me: I feel so blessed to be born a Muslim and realised the need to know the history and spread of Islam in order to strengthen my Islamic identity.

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