Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tasawwur Islam - 27 Jan 2010

I discovered that Quranic Arabic is different from Classical Arabic, which explains why the people of Quraish, when hearing the wahyu, were astounded because they knew Classical Arabic but have not heard of the beautiful poetry of Quranic Arabic and many reverted to Islam because they had the conviction that the Prophet SAW, the unlettered man, was truly a Messenger from the Almighty. The language is familiar yet a new innovation, subhan Allah.

So, language is important because language plucked from one worldview and integrated in another worldview will result in confusion due to the subtle but fundamental changes in meaning of key terms resulting in a change in mindset, then deeds... ultimately a crisis in one's Islamic identity and the disintegration of the Ummah.

Afternote: Imagine, unwittingly taking perspectives from Secularism or Westerners and integrating it in a muslim's life, nauzu billahi min zaliq. So in essence, we do not islamize by integrating one knowledge to another. Rather, we islamize our mindset or worldview to see things in the Islamic perspective, the religion of truth (Haq). Realised there is a difference between 'knowledge' and 'skills', subhan Allah.

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