Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Spread of Islam in Canada

By Siraj Wahab c/o Arab News, 11 October 2005

Suhail Kapoor had been in the country only two years, having emigrated from Saudi Arabia in 1999 where he spent nearly 21 years — first as an economic researcher for the Arabic business daily, Al-Eqtisadiah, and then as Western Region sales manager of UPS.

"Ever since I have been in Canada, I've engaged in dakwah (propagation) activities. I visit jails, meet prisoners and tell them about the message of Islam. Normally I go to every little place where I see an opportunity to promote Islam. I have to make sure that the light of peace which was shown to me is shown to others as well. I will stop an airhostess, a rickshaw puller, a doctor, an uncle, a neighbor or a policeman. I leave no one out. If somebody who is a non-Muslim is in contact with me, he will get the message of Islam."

Kapoor is based in Mississauga — the third largest and fastest growing city in Canada — which is 30 km west of Toronto. He is the co-founder of Quran Academy, which is licensed by the state of Ontario. Kapoor says Islam is a good tonic for the ills of society.

"In Western society, where the outside forces are so huge, our gullible youth can become easy prey. The Quran Academy provides a place for these youngsters to come together and interact and to connect with the community."

His son, Yousef, has enrolled himself in the academy. The eighth-grader soon will become a hafiz (one who has learned the Qur'an by heart).

"We also provide the government-approved academic education at the academy," Kapoor said. "Otherwise you will produce a stereotypical Muslim who has no clue about the science of the world. In a country that is so far ahead, you have to have both `deen' (religion) and 'duniya' (world)."

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