Saturday, April 16, 2011

Islam and Modernity

[Source courtesy of Sheikh Abdul Halim Abdul Karim]

AlhamdulilLahx3, following up from an earlier talk in 2009, this topic is essential, given the 21st Century discourse where some within the Ummah unwittingly question if Islam is even relevant today, nauzubilLah!

Sheikh Abdul Halim explained at length the concepts of Modernity and Secularism from Western Worldview and comparing them with Islamic Worldview, who the "Modernist" scholars are/were, and reinforced that 'Adeenul Haq is a progressive religion (progress defined from Islam's perspective of course!) that is complete and comprehensive (transcends time). It is incumbent upon us to correct our malformed Islamic Worldview or seek knowledge to adopt Islamic Worldview.

Indeed, the world is going through change upon change and if the Ummah hold on to the teachings of Islam (seek the right knowledge), it can guide us through these without us losing our identity while keeping our Islamic Worldview intact.

Upon reflection, this session enabled me to realise my shortcomings (naivety) in identifying who the "Modernist" Scholars are/were. Why you may ask? It is a grave concern for me as I'm worried that I may be unwittingly adopting the views of these Modernist! And I can't say enough about clarity in concepts as these build a strong foundation before we can pursue other tough questions. Wallahu a'lam bissawab.

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