Friday, November 06, 2009

More of Such Please
It has become a routine for me and mum to catch this weekly show simply because it portrays the realistic struggles of muslims in the here and now. We should have more of such shows so that we can all learn the true value of Islam, the only way of life that can save its ummah from the hellfire, insya Allah.

I end this post with the original soundtrack from the show:

Loosely translated:

Light of love
Lately I feel this love I yearn
Restlessness buried in my heart, seeking its fate and hope

One's duration and destiny, no one knows for certain
I search for the Light in the shadow of darkness

Light of love
Life's destiny and choices differ for every man
They sail through life's journey in a world of uncertainties

Light of love
I return as I'm still searching for Truth
A definite Light, a promise pure and everlasting

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